The average American eats fast food about ten times a month so which restaurant chains are worth your money? The famous restaurant guide Zagat is out with a new survey and here are the results for the bets of the best when it comes to burgers, coffee, and newly added wings.

The most popular mega chain (over 5 thousand outlets) was Subway, people loved everything about Subway and the freshness in particular. Here is the top 5 most popular mega chain list:
1) Subway
2) McDonald's
3) Wendy's
4) Burger King
5) Taco Bell

Now here is the top overall mega chains, this is different from the most popular because it's based on the average of overall performance which includes food, facilities, and service. In this category Subway moves to number 2 and Wendy's is number 1. Here is the top 5 most mega chain overall list:
1) Wendy's
2) Subway
3) McDonald's
4) Pizza Hut
5) KFC

Now obviously people are concerned about healthy choices and Zagat reported that much more than before 69% people are in favor of Government mandated calorie counts and 55% say they are affected by it. It's very clear that the chains themselves are making moves to accommodate this.

Here are the top health options mega chains which Subway wins again:
1) Subway
2) Wendy's
3) McDonald's
4) Taco Bell
5) KFC

The fast food chain with the best burger is Five Guys. Here is the top 5 Best Burger fast food chains:
1) Five Guys
2) In-N-Out-Burger
3) Wendy's
4) Burger King
5) McDonald's

The fast food chain with the best Chicken Wings is Buffalo Wild Wings, and it's not based in Buffalo but in Minneapolis. They have a lot of chains across the country and 14 different sauces to go with your wings. Here is the top 5 best wings fast food chains:
1) Buffalo Wild Wings
2) Wingstop
3) KFC
4) Zaxby's
5) Pizza Hut

The quick Refreshment chain with the best Smoothies/Frozen Yogurt is Red Mango, a new and relevantly small chain but they have wide variety and fresh fruits of all kind. Here is the top 5 :
1) Red Mango
2) Pinkberry
3) Jamba Juice
4) Smoothie King

And finally the best coffee at a fast food chain is of course the one and only Starbucks. Here is the top 5 list:
1) Starbucks
2) Dunkin' Donuts
3) McDonald's
4) Peet's Coffee & Tea
5) Caribou Coffee